Name:Omar Tayara Rodriguez
Diploma(s):Bachelor of Activities and Physical Education from the European University of Madrid
Coach(es):Ricardo Claveria Grinaldos
Started triathlon at age:22
Sports practiced before triathlon:SWIM
Manager(s):Ana BM
Coming from:Madrid
Living in:Madrid and nowadays Hong Kong
Favorite training sessions::All those are not indoor...I love swim in the sea, run in the mountains and climb in bike!
Hated training sessions:I don't like track but if i have to do...i do
Preferred distances:Olympic Distance
Other sports practiced:waterpolo, football, descend the montains in bike, sky alpine and especialy all the things that i can do with my friends
Max HR:209
Resting HR:40
Best tri memory:When i finished my first triathlon in Sevilla in 2001; I never thought that it would do it.
The Worlds Championship in Hambourg in 2007! Here i did my first World Cup in 2004 and here too i did my first World Championship Elite in 2007!
Relationship status:Single
Size (cm):172
Weight (kg):63
Club:Club trialandalus Mijas, Malaga and National Team of Syria
I like:Travel all around the World, go to cinema, read scientific and historical books.
Spend some time with my friends, my famyly and my english bulldog "Gonso"
Know each culture of each country i spend some time, meet people in each travel i do.
I don't like:Not to be able to share with my family and friends my experiences in my multiple trips.
My start:i began in 2001...during winter! i was just swimmer and runner but after that, on a summer session i started to practice bike because i never ride on before and i didnt know how to do. I crashed a lot during the first year because my technic was bad...

I have some principles in triathlon:
Constancy in the trainings, patience in the results, Enjoy each moment...travels, Victories. Give everything in all the races, be humble for the Victory and accept the defeat.
Nickname:JOMI, JOMAR
Personnal best:Swim: on 3000m, first 1500 in 17,22 - second one in 17,11
Bike , the best moment: break away with 10 triathletes in world cup edmontond, max hearrate 190 during ascend the hill.
Run: Half Marathon en 2004 in 1h11 and
Hard sesion: 12x( 3´bike 300wat + 800m 2.21-22)
Worst triathlon memory:I felt two times in three weeks...Pekin's World Cup and Rhodes' World Cupe en 2007...Three ribs broken...
Thanks to:My family and my trainer...Only them know what I have suffered to be able to compete on international races and make me a place!
My passions:I hope to be able to live as i live now for many years more!
My company Nergum-System; my project for future.